Maintenance & Retrofits

Whatever the year your oven was built (we work on ovens over 50 years old), whatever the brand, we can repair it ::
  • Changing combustion chambers
  • Changing direct gas or Cyclothermic burners
  • Change of belts, sliding paths, skid bars. Changing chains.

TMFCT will find the most suitable steel belt or wire mesh belt for you among the manufacturers in the market.

Our engineers will inspect the sliding paths, skid bars or other before any operation and will advise you if they need to be changed.

Then the teams will intervene to change chains, bands, belts and others. At each change our technicians will enter the oven to clean it

  • Installation of rollers instead of skid bars
  • Design, manufacture and installation of custom hoods
  • Installation of fans to accelerate extraction flows and improve baking
  • Moving a line or supervision of a line move

Our teams can undertake the move of your tunnel oven, or we can provide an engineer who will supervise the operations and advise you on the work to be undertaken if damage is found.


  • Repair of perforated baking chambers
  • Tension frame repair
  • Refurbishment of entrance / exit frames when they are worn by time and humidity
  • Installation of Teflon strips on the edges of your steel belt to reduce losses (cutting waste)
  • And any other specific work you may need. Ask us our design office will be happy to find a solution !