Whatever the year of construction of your oven (we work on ovens over 50 years old), whatever the brand, we can repair it :

  • TMFCT will advise you on the purchase of your belt. We always give priority to quality and we mainly work with two Companies :
  • Steel Belts: IPCO. Moreover, TMFCT is also a subcontractor when IPCO sells its belts directly in France.
  • Wire mesh belts : Steinhaus

With the Steinhaus Z belt you are guaranteed of the flatness of your belt, but also of the consistency of the number of mesh over the entire length. No other Z band manufacturer can do it. Even 10 years later Steinhaus can supply you with 10m of belt with the same number of mesh as your original belt => possibility to easily repair a damaged belt.

If one or the other of these two companies does not meet your needs, TMFCT will be able to approach another manufacturer at the best cost.

  • Our teams then intervene, if you wish, to change your belt or carpet. Once we have removed the old belt we will always clean the baking chamber before installing the new belt.
  • To counter deviations of your belt TMFCT produces and installs its own belt tracking devices. On the drum if the alignment of the output products is not important or under the belt (see picture) for a better alignment but slower reactivity.

Our system works with respect to a Zero point: our system will always push the belt for it to go back to the center point. This guarantees better centering and above all avoids sudden movements.

Sensors signal any significant movement and a safety device stops the oven beyond a certain limit

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  • Dirty Z band? TMFCT has invented and patented the only mechanical solution and the only effective solution for cleaning your Z Belt. Whether your belt is simple, reinforced, small mesh or from a manufacturer other than Steinhaus.
    • Steel belt clogged ?

    Try TMFCT plastic or stainless steel brushes detectable by metal detectors. Also try our belt scraper knives